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Black oversized sweatshirt with Andean motifs


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Crafted from supersoft cotton fabric, this black sweatshirt gives you a dressed-up style with everyday ease. The ribbed neck, adjustable waist, and cuffs lock in warmth, while the oversized shape is perfect for layering.

  • Oversized design for comfort and layering
  • Elastic waist for a unique touch
  • Soft & warm fabric to keep you cosy during the colder months
  • Handwoven Andean motifs for a personal finish
  • Limited edition of 100 pieces, assuring you exclusivity


Ethically made

We follow the World Fair Trade Organisation's guidelines to ensure our practices are fair and improve the lives of those who work with us.

The strips with the Andean motifs have been handmade by women in a rural community in the Peruvian Andes. We pay them a fair wage and help the ones that want to set up their own local businesses. We also dedicate part of the profits to undertake development projects chosen by the women in the communities.

The sweatshirt was tailored in a small family-run factory in Lima. We only work with small factories that respect workers' rights and treat them with the love and respect they deserve.


The sweatshirt is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

The motifs have been made using a blend of alpaca and sheep wool, so they are soft to the touch.

The handmade motifs

Each motif tells a story and represents aspects of life in the community.

The motif on the shoulders is called Loraypo, and it's the traditional motif that represents the Chinchero region where our weavers live. It's called after a medicinal plant that grows in the mountains and it's used to treat inflammation. The zig-zag represents the Inka trails that lead to the Sacred Valley. The small circles represent the two lakes of the region (Lake Piuray and Lake Huaipo). The S shape represents the tool they use to work the land. Next to it, you can find little eyes, which represent the bulls they breed. The triangles above the S shape motif (called cuty) represent the mountains where they live and work.

The motif across the chest is called Tankachuro in Quechua. It's known as the design of the mamas (moms) because it's one of the first that they teach their children. The circular shapes represent the eyes of the lama.

Please note that each woman may weave the motifs slightly differently so the ones in your clothes might not look exactly the same as the ones in the picture. This makes every piece unique and special.

Customer Reviews

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Paz R.

I bought this sweatshirt at a pop-up store in London as it caught my eye and I loved the story of the brand. I initially thought it might be a bit small for me as I'm a UK size 16 (or Large) but I tried the M/L on and it wasn't small at all! It's very roomy and incredibly warm. I also love the adjustable waist, it's a really nice touch. I've already ordered another one in blue!

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