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I wear it all the time!

It feels great, warm, smart, smart-casual good for any occasion. And very distinctive. A great choice.

I love it!😍

Comfy, warm, smart, convenient, will always be in fashion.

Beautiful ring & earrings.

I’m in love with sandstone it’s like glazing into the night sky. I bought the earrings back last year but lost one of them so had to replace them. I could have bought the whole sandstone products that are on your website, they are so beautifully made.

Beautiful ring & earrings.

I’m in love with sandstone it’s like glazing into the night sky. I bought the earrings back last year but lost one of them so had to replace them. I could have bought the whole sandstone products that are on your website, they are so beautifully made.

I love the texture

Very comfy!

Great Christmas gift

I gave this bomber jacket to a friend as a Christmas present i. The colour really suits her and she loves it.

Casual but stylish

I really like this jacket, since I hardly ever have to dress formally I can wear it just about any time. Warm, different, smart and comfortable, it combines well with jeans or chinos.

Very warm and comfy

I got this sweatshirt at the start of autumn and have worn it a lot. It’s warm, comfortable and distinctive. Really good quality, it washes well and doesn’t need ironing. Very pleased with it!

Simply gorgeous!

I just love my ring. Simply gorgeous!

Lovely ring

A very delicate piece of jewelry, adjustable so you can wear in on any finger.

Great product as usual!

I bought this t-shirt as a gift, the recipient (my sister-in-law) absolutely loved the color, and the embroidery of course! Great quality.

Perfect for the autumn!

Love my new sweatshirt, it’s perfect for the autumn and adds a lovely pop of colour to the day! I got a small size and it fits very well (I usually wear size 6, petite) :)

I'm wearing it almost all the time

This is a really nice practical sweatshirt with that distinctive Peruvian weaving across it. It's a good look and a good fit some I'm wearing it a lot.

Proud to show off my beautiful, ethically made tote!

I am so chuffed with my beautiful tote bag - it's high quality, and super useful, and I love the eye-catching design....excited to show it off, especially given the impactful story behind it!

Perfect summer outfit

I love dungarees in general. Those are my favourite piece of summer, without a doubt. Looks great, excellent quality and ethically made. Win win combo. :)

Comfy and Elegant

I bought my beautiful jumpsuit about a year ago, and I love it. My favourite thing besides supporting artisans from South America is it is so versatile that I can wear it for work, day or night out. 🤩

A brand worth investing in

I’ve purchased a lot of the Handmade Stories products as I love the brand ethos.

The jewellery has made for perfect gifts. The cushions are brilliant home accessories.

The sweaters I absolutely live in from September to April. They’re so useful. And the colours are gorgeous.


This is the best jumper I own!! So simple, stylish and unbelievably comfy. The oversized fit is great, and I love the adjustable waist feature!! The fabric of the jumper is so soft to touch and wear, and the Andean motifs are stunning - you really have to admire them up close to see how intricate they are. I was also impressed by the friendly customer service and super fast shipping!! Thank you so much - I can’t wait to add more Handmade Stories pieces to my wardrobe :)

Cute and comfy

I fell in love with this jumpsuit right away: the color is striking, the fabric and the embroideries so delicate. It is very light and comfortable, I wear it all the time. A summer must-have!

Beautifully unique

My favourite ring! Love the amazonite and geometric pattern and it perfectly complements my other jewellery. It is safe to say that I have received a lot of complements since I bought it! Thank you Handmade Stories!!

Excellent gift!

Bought as a gift for my mom who loved the necklace!
Great, fantastic quality jewellery and excellent service - I highly recommend these products.

Absolutely unique - second to none!

This is my favourite ring from Handmade Stories!! I love it so much! Looking at the Blue Aventurine stone is like gazing into the galaxy because it sparkles and glitters delicately under light and the stone has superb depth to it which means its power is infinite! It just really is super beautiful!!!!

PS. Photos don't do the ring justice. The sparkling effect of the stone is really hard to capture. If you're having doubts about this ring, go for it! I'm sure you won't regret. <3


There are so many Chrysocolla products on the market, but this ring is definitely unique. The exceptional craftsmanship of the Peruvian artisans brings out the natural beauty of the stone. I would say that this ring is flawless!


I usually don't like orange, but this ring is definitely an exception! The colour is surprisingly beautiful, with natural shades of reddish and brownish orange; and you can even see the natural patterns of the stone. Super high quality. Coupled with the fact that the triangular shape is cute and makes me smile whenever I see it, and that the craftmanship is exceptional, I absolutely recommend this product!

I'm crazy in love with this necklace

I love how simple and gorgeous this necklace looks. It's great with your everyday outfit but also adds an extra charm to a more dress-up event. Since I bought it I wear it almost every day. The quality is amazing and the stone has great size and colour. Love it!!

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