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Olivia Igwe: On confidence, collaboration & making money on social media

Olivia Igwe: On confidence, collaboration & making money on social media

Olivia is a creative entrepreneur whose goal is to help multicultural millennials build a brand for themselves, turning their pain into purpose through social media and collaboration.

Olivia is styling the Burgundy two-piece

Tell us a bit about yourself

Described once as “your International nomad”, I was born in Cambridge (UK). Traveling from a young age with my parents, I found a love for blending into different countries and languages.

Attending the much sought Instituto Marangoni Fashion school, I graduated with a degree in Fashion Styling, and then followed my passion by working with High-End Magazines, Celebrities, Designers and well known Fashion Houses such as Christians Dior, Givenchy, Aline Ocho, Adidas, Nike, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Modus Mensus, Numero. I also qualified as a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant in Switzerland to dig deeper into body image and colour matching.

You define yourself as a confidence coach who helps multi-cultural millennials achieve their goals on social media and potentially earn money while doing so. Could you talk us through what your work entails and why it’s important to you?

Yes, absolutely. Everybody is a brand, whether you like it or not, people buy from people. I have this motto: You’re either being sold to or you’re selling.

I believe we all should brand ourselves to serve this world and collaborate.

My line of work is based solely on word of mouth, which in some places is called network marketing. I base it on promoting a product in the wellness industry but, and with a caveat to this, I turn it into building a brand for people who want to. I also get a huge customer base as the entrepreneurship model is not for everyone.

Why is it important to me? Honestly, I’m fed up of living a small life when we were born to live an abundant one. When we can travel from our phones, we can empower others, be a voice, be a better mother, sister, daughter, Dad, Mum, leader, neighbour and still serve others. Something that you can create from your own phone and build a legacy with.

Why not do it together? The small fee of investment opens up to a layer of things that lead to YOUR dreams & YOUR goals.

A big part of the work you do is around empowering people and helping them gain confidence. What are the main barriers you see people face and how do you help them overcome them?

Excellent question! Mainly it’s a lack of confidence in themselves. They’ve been brainwashed by society or by people around them that had very little belief in themselves and carry that pain. It comes from the judgement of others, the lack of support or even the limiting beliefs.

The pain or the fear of the unknown is what prevents people from doing things and so they die with the gift inside them.

How do we over come it? Mainly though accountability and facing up to the demons in the closet. We set goals to get through what the individual is facing and also understand what the person is truly desiring (income, self-esteem, belief, branding, social media, skills set).

Olivia is styling our Soft Denim Dungarees

How did you find your line of work and what attracted you to it?

To be completely honest, my Mum was in it about 15 years ago. I joined her in the original company back in the day, and then I started my own project with another partner at the time, but the vision didn’t go very far so I let that project go, tried a few other network marketing companies until I found the one that resonated and it’s been a fun ride ever since.

I found it via a friend who I’d collaborated with a few years back, this was before Covid. I had reached a point in my business where I wasn’t inspired nor motivated to do what I did. Lack of creativity and fed up of exchanging my time against money as an Image Consultant/Personal Shopper, because if I didn’t work or I didn’t show up I wouldn't get paid.

I prayed for God to bring me an opportunity that could align body, mind and soul. I was looking for a duplicatable system that could work for years to create generational wealth.

My friend, Erik, called me up 24hours later with the opportunity to earn using social media and I was looking for a way to brand while doing network marketing. It coincided so well because I’d been doing it unconsciously over the years, I just needed a model to ride with.

How has your self-expression changed over the years? Has this impacted on your relationship with fashion?

My self-expression is always changing, it evolves into the person you are.

The foundation has always been the same: to be an underdog, to stand out and do the f*** I want with my style and energy.

Fashion has always been a part of me and forever will. I attended a fashion school, I speak Fashion, I breathe Fashion, it’s in my DNA. Fashion has brought me up, Entrepreneurship has shifted and built my beliefs. They are like a 2 in 1.

Olivia is styling the Burgundy two-piece

What would you say to someone who wants to change their career path but are doubting if they’ll be successful and feel it’s too risky and should stick to a safer job with a steady source of income?

Do it, what’s the worse that can happen? You'll live in regret with “what if”, who is looking forward to living a life with regret?

NOW, if you are wanting to jump into your dream, I would jump in it by being smart. Don’t jump into it with no cashflow, no resources set aside. It’s finding the right people, investing in education and mentorship to be in those circles. You can absolutely do it while having the 9-5, you just need to allocate the time.

Don’t jump and expect the brand to grow in 1 month. I’m here to tell you that success isn’t made over night, it’s made when you put in the hours. Having a vision is work that will require all aspect of your life!

If it’s a burning desire, you’ll find a way, if you don’t it’s an excuse.

What do you hope your voice brings to others?

My voice will inspire millions, my goal is to inspire you to take action, to do what fuels you with confidence, to be that one person that believes in you.

I will inspire you to be confident, to show up for yourself, to do what you believe in, to either buy from me or to collaborate with me.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thanks for having me. This is a proof of the pudding, where we connected though a friend online and turned our relationship from stranger into friends.

Thank you for being you and shining a light to others while supporting what matters most to you!
How can people connect with you?

Pretty much anywhere, I’m more on Instagram and I reply to everyone there, but I’m on all platforms.

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Olivia is wearing the Burgundy two-piece and the Soft Denim Dungarees

Burgundy two pieceSoft denim dungarees

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