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London Fashion Week 2022

Fashion Week is one of the most important events of the year for fashion brands. We were incredibly lucky to be able to show our collection at the Emerge show in London. A collection designed to make those who wear it feel good with easy-to-wear designs, soft fabrics, and an ethical ethos behind it. The collection combines traditional Andean weaving techniques with modern designs, and improves the lives of whole communities in the process.

Handmade Stories' London Fashion Week Lookbook

Look 1: Our best-selling mustard jumpsuit

We couldn't go to London Fashion Week without our best selling look! This mustard jumpsuit features handwoven shoulder patches, giving it a military look and adding interest to this retro-inspired piece. Our customers love its elastic waistband and soft fabric, making it a comfortable choice for day-long events.

The handmade motifs on the shoulders represent the eyes of the lamas bred in the Peruvian Andes by the women who weave them.

Paired with high heeled black sandals and handmade chrysocholla earrings and amazonite necklace and ring, it creates a look that'll take you from catwalk to roof terrace drinks.

Look 2: Party favourite black jumpsuit

Another best-seller, this black jumpsuit is loved by our customers because of its high waist featuring beautiful handmade motifs and an eye-catching cut-out that gives it a unique shape. We've seen it in customers' pictures at weddings, New Year's Eve parties, and other events that require a little bit of dressing and impressing!

The handwoven motifs in its waist represent the tool used to work the land in the community in the Andes where our weavers live.

Paired with black high heels, and handmade Peruvian silver 950 jewellery featuring amazonite stones, it creates the perfect showstopper look!

Look 3: The show-stopping burgundy two-piece

This stunning outfit combines a simple design with distinctive features to achieve a stylish look. Its high waist trousers with pockets make it a comfortable choice for dress-up events. The handwoven motifs on its waist add a focal point and distinguish it from your usual suit trousers. The oversized cropped t-shirt breaks the otherwise serious design and gives you plenty of room to move. A favourite among actors and dancers who need a stylish but comfortable outfit that doesn't restrict movement.

The motif on its waist is made up of Xs and rhombuses. The Xs represent the paths in and around the community where our weavers live, and the rhombuses represent the small lakes you can find in their mountains.

Paired with handmade Peruvian silver 950 jewellery featuring chrysocolla stone, which is known for its balancing and anxiety-reducing properties, you'll achieve an unbeatable look!

Look 4: Comfort-lovers' black sweatshirt

A very special piece of the collection is this black sweatshirt. Its shoulders feature the traditional motifs that represent the Chinchero region of Peru, where our weavers are from. The motif depicts the landscape of the region, the animals and plants our weavers grow.

With an oversized style, adjustable waist and puffy sleeves, it's a stylish alternative to your usual jumper.

Pair it with a skirt, silver jewellery, and high heels and you'll be dressed to impress without losing out on comfort and warmth!

Look 5: Comfy chic blue sweatshirt

When comfort is important but you don't want to miss out on style, pick this blue oversized sweatshirt. Featuring handmade motifs, puffy sleeves, and an adjustable waistband, it's the perfect go-to statement piece that goes with everything!

The handwoven motifs on its shoulders and front are called Hakaku in Quechua and represent a tool they use to cut the grass to feed the animals. Because of its shape, it's also commonly known as the claws of the puma, one of the three sacred animals for the Inkas. 

Paired with high heeled boots, a fitted skirt, and big silver earrings, it creates a statement look that will turn heads!

Look 6: Military-style dress meets effortless sophystication

This military style fit-and-flare navy blue dress is a popular outfit for those who need a simple but impactful look. Easy-to-wear and accessorize, our customers love its soft fabric and flattering shape.

The hearts on its shoulder patches are a very special motif used in Andean weddings to represent love.

Paired with simple high heels and statement earrings it'll give you an effortless look that won't go unnoticed.

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