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Join our Black Friday Pledge

Join our Black Friday Pledge

One of the most controversial days of the year for small businesses is here and we want you to take a stand with us.

Why is Black Friday bad?

Black Friday sales tempt us to buy things on impulse, encouraging overconsumption and often unnecessary consumption: 80% of items bought on this date end up in landfill or incineration.

As an ethical business that pays workers a fair price for their labour, we don't like doing discounts as we feel it devalues the hard work that goes into making our products. But we're also committed to making slow fashion accessible and know some of you rely on sales to bag that item you've been saving for.

How can I shop ethically this Black Friday?

Join our pledge this Black Friday. This Black Friday I will...

  • only buy what I truly need
  • buy from small businesses that need my support more than ever and ensure my money goes to the right places and the right people (those making the items, not those at the top)
  • only use discounts from small businesses if I can't afford full price

What are the alternatives to Black Friday?

If the whole Black Friday culture makes you sick and you're looking for alternatives, we encourage you to join Green Friday, an initiative to save by buying second hand instead of new. You can find our second hand platform here.

Do you offer a Black Friday discount code? 

We do! If you were waiting for this date to arrive to shop from us, here's a 20% off discount code: BLACKFRIDAYPLEDGE20    

*Valid until Cyber Monday (included).
By buying from us, you help artisans and women in rural communities in the Peruvian Andes achieve economic independence and keep their traditions alive.
Thank you for your support!
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